Thank you for your interest in joining the MVP K9 Supplements and Muscle Bully Supplements Wholesale Team!

As a wholesaler you’ll have access to special wholesale pricing for both companies products. MVP K9 Supplements and Muscle Bully Supplements offer high quality dog nutrition to help improve the health and well-being of dogs. All products and ingredients are locally manufactured and sourced in the USA. Our pricing structure is set up so wholesalers can make healthy margins supporting their business while at the same time offering 5-star rated high quality ingredients to dog owners at a great affordable price!

Great profit margins

According to Of the US$98 billion in overall pet care sales, dog food accounts for nearly half, about US$45 billion, with dog treats making up about another $6 billion.

High quality in demand dog nutritional supplements

Our products offer overall health improvements for dogs of all breeds and ages. From daily multivitamins to joint supplements to weight gainers we offer a wide variety of healthy supplements to dogs. We also do our best in maintaining solid reviews online, customer testimonials and respect from authoritative, world-champion dog trainers allowing customers to feel even more safe and trusted when purchasing our products from you.

Great recurring revenue model

Each product typically last a dog 30-60 days worth of supplements. Customers return on average 3-5 times a year which means your customers will return to purchase more product from you.

We are retail friendly

What does this mean? We offer a strict MAP pricing or minimum advertised price meaning you as a reseller agree to a minimum advertised price at all times. This allows a fair playing field among everyone.

Used and Trusted By World Class Trainers

For over 10 years our products have been used and trusted by many world class trainers all over the world. Many of our own clients have won multiple world class titles in sports and dock diving competitions.


Feed stores, retail stores, online pet stores, dog shows, dog trainers, dog handlers, breeders, kennels: (Supplement your dogs at an affordable rate)


IMG_0075We offer all wholesalers marketing material to help customer your now carrying our brand. We can offer you stand up banners, wall banners, outdoor banners/indoor banners, posters, flyers, stickers, bags, samples and more!

We also display your store or business’ information, website, phone and location on our website as official dealers.

In addition to that we also run paid targeted ads via Facebook directly to your website or Facebook page of people interested in our products to help people buy from you in your location. We direct all inquires we receive to you if they are in the area you are services. Contact us for more information on marketing material we offer each wholesaler. (We are currently not looking for resellers on Amazon or Ebay. All other channels are open such as your website, social media, stores, in person sales, show booths, etc)

To join fill out the application below. If approved (within 24 you’ll be notified) you’ll have instant access to our wholesale rates online.